A Year of Poetry and Healing

“You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born.”   - Rainer Maria Rilke

A year to write your way across a new threshold. 

Register here. To write your story. Your way of being in the world. Your own presence and place in the midst of things. To carve out space in your busy life for the deep and sacred work of self-exploration and nurturing the voice within. I remember the first time I turned in a poem after going back to school for poetry as a 32-year-old single mother. I cried in my professor's office because I felt so extremely vulnerable. Many of us have hid or silenced our voices in a thousand different ways over the years. It takes a safe and caring circle to hold that gentle and exquisite unfolding. Even for poets who have written their whole lives, such a space can offer a welcome respite to explore new ways of speaking and being.

Poetry guides you into your invisible realms. "La chispa," the ember of the "hidden one," is always alive at the center of your being, no matter how imperceptible, waiting for the smallest breath to blow it back into a flame. Poetry offers a gentle breath, a lantern, a sense of spaciousness.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela

Throughout A Year of Poetry and Healing you will be invited again and again to stand at the "shores of your own immensity," as the poet John O'Donohue said. In that great interiority, in the loam of your life, are the seeds to your own unfolding & blossoming. Toni Morrison says that even as you are creating language, it is also creating you. This course is designed to help you become a more active and conscious participant in your own story through writing, and through responding to great poems together. It is designed as a guide to help you come in contact with your deep center, your intuition, your essential wholeness. Sometimes through being able to finally have a safe space to touch the broken parts. Rumi says, "Keep your eyes on the wound. That is where the light gets through." A poem, as the mystics might say, is where everything belongs.

This one year course will be filled with the richest of gifts. Each month, you will be sent poems to read and consider. You will be invited to a live video-class each month which will be recorded and sent out the following day in case you are not able to attend. Each video class will reflect on the lesson of that month, and offer guidance and prompts for creating your own poems which can be shared and responded to on an online format. I will be actively responding to the poems posted on the forum, and offer mirroring feedback into how this might reflect on your own personal journey.

Your twelve lessons will include :

  1. Great Permissions and Sacred Failure : Introduction to Poetry as Healer & the Power of Your Words
  2. Standing at the Shores of Your Own Immensity : Inhabiting Your Own Story 
  3. The Other World is in this One : Attending to your Dreams and Images
  4. Practices of Deep Listening
  5. Everything Belongs : The Life of Ordinary Mysticism
  6. I Sing the Body : Somatic Practices of Healing
  7. The Life of Tiny Miracles : Refocusing Your Vision
  8. Practices of Self-Compassion, Empathy, and Love
  9. The Hidden One Inside : Breathing on the Ember of the Creative Life : Creating Containers of Commitment to The Energy of Gestation and Creativity
  10. Exile and Homecoming : “Unacceptable Emotions” : The Darkness Blooms and Sings
  11. The World is Your Ally : A Return to Earth-based Healing Practices
  12. Finding and Cultivating Joyful Practices of Beauty : The Important of Ritual

Poetic Medicine is an intuitive art. It goes back to the most ancient of healing practices with chants, mantras and incantations, psalms and blessings forming the foundation of spiritual and healing practices of devotion. Poetry for healing is not about judging "good or bad" poems, although you will likely see your poetry and writing practice grow and flourish over the course of the year. It is more how Dylan Thomas spoke of poetry - as going down to his boat dock to lower a bucket into the deep water and find out what’s there. Poetry is the bucket which we lower into the depths of our unconscious to find out what it brings up.

We will draw from the old stories, the ancient wisdom to rewild and anchor our return to our own "immensity," from which the soul expands. We will allow poetry to sink deep into the bones, and write our way back up. We will connect to a fully present awareness in order to create a living relationship with a living world, in order to hear the world speaking to us and to speak back with our hearts and innermost being. We will draw close to mystery and create poetic community based on practices of deep listening, cultivating awareness, finding beauty in the unexpected, embracing our whole story, rewilding the soul, and nourishing the parts of us craving authenticity and creative fire, life source.

Now through August 13, register to receive a $40 discount of the regular price of $360 and gain access to :

  • A monthly live Poetic Medicine circle online
  • Invitations to write during each session, as good intentions can get lost and devoted group writing time will ensure you progress on your path.
  • A monthly supplemental PDF with with poems, quotes, stories, and writing prompts, along with audio recordings and video material if you want to deepen your learning experience
  • Online forum to submit the poems you have written if you feel comfortable doing so
  • Personalized monthly responses to your work.


Course begins September of 2018. Perfect for new or seasoned writers. No previous poetry experience necessary. A 3-month payment plan is available as well as scholarships on a case-by-case basis. To be considered for a scholarship, please email motherskylark@gmail.com