Your Creative Journey


Poetic Medicine is a form of deep listening. It is rooted in the acknowledgement that you contain inside you everything you need to heal yourself.  It is, as a form, a pathway for your own wisdom to speak to you. As a way to move the rubble that life has placed in front of what wants to emerge from the ashes.

 Dear Mary Ellen,
Yesterday, a skeptical friend told me he longed for a teacher he could believe in who could just tell him how it all works and How to Get it Right, but he said what was missing was the pudding. He had never seen anyone who was proof that life is so so good. I don’t think he has met you, darling. You are every kind of exquisite pudding.
-Natalie Kinsey, inspirational author, poet & pastor of Play Church

"… There is, deep at the center of the psyche, La Chispa. La Chispa is an ember that – even in wood that is half burnt, with only a tiny ember left in it – can be fanned back into a blaze with the very smallest breath blown upon it.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, The Creative Fire

Creativity takes courage. I get that. A veteran once told me he was afraid to write because of what might come out that had been bottled up for so long. But the great thing about courage is a little goes a long way. "You don't have to be strong," a dear friend once told me, "you just have to be brave."  To open up your life, to be willing to tell your story is an act of contribution to the beautiful house of being human. It is the first step to healing. "The poem is the story of what it is for one person to be here," said Galway Kinnell.

Poetic Medicine offers a safe and reassuring space for you to take those first steps. Poetry is the language of the heart. It is the language of paying attention, of keeping your ear to the track to hear what's coming.  “This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.”  (Mary Oliver).  Poetic Medicine is a commitment to your soul journey. It is a path of awareness, of exquisite attention. As a way to breathe on the ember of the hidden one that wants to live more fully. 

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