Mary Ellen is not only a talented poet, but a woman of great spiritual and humanitarian strength who knows how to reach often marginalized students. She's the real thing and brings to the table a way and a presence, a special touch, which I can only term a calling, a gift, a kind of magic. A woman of indisputable mettle with a generous spirit of shared purpose and joint humanity that her writing and her very life embodies.

-Joseph Bathanti, Former NC Poet Laureate

Writing Workshops

Group spaces offer powerful witness. Toni Morrison says that language creates us at the very moment it is being created. Poetic Medicine workshops are safe spaces in which we explore the boundaries of the self and the stories and truths that might liberate us. Workshops are a form of self-nurturing, rich sharing, and allowing the nuance of your inner landscape to unfold visibly on the page. No previous writing experience necessary. Ongoing online workshops available.

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Poetic Medicine

“You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Poetry as Healer is not High School English. It is a form of soul recovery. Of finding what you haven't lost. It offers a path of mystery and beauty through the inner landscape. Our bodies are oracles of an animate earth and our most important images live inside us already. Poetry is the bucket which we lower into the depths, and draw back up to examine what resides out of conscious sight.

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Appalachian Sacred Smoke

Appalachian Sacred Smoke is the way we support ourselves on our small homestead in southern Appalachia. We grow and wild forage herbs and flowers, weaving them into ceremonial bundles to connect with old world ritual and tradition.

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For inquiries regarding teaching, workshops, conferences, and more, email me at : motherskylark@gmail.com

You can register for online workshops and find our herbs at our online store : Appalachian Sacred